Drone bills nearing final vote

February 21, 2016 by Dan Brown in Seven Card Stud Poker

Drone bills getting close to final vote Cline said stakeholders were hashing out amendments in hopes of making the bills identical and avoiding the need to take them to conference negotiations on terms [url=https://www.seahawksgearfanshop.com/SSdIPXYzx3tM]https://www.seahawksgearfanshop.com/SSdIPXYzx3tM[/url].”So everyone can be more at ease with their specific concerns whether it’s the National Guard or Wallops Island or whatever we are making clarifying amendments to both bills so we won’t have to go to conference, He explained.The amendments were attached to Cline’s House Bill 2125 and authorized by the Senate courts committee Monday the final day for committee action on legislation.The revised wording allows the spaceport and Naval weapons vegetation at Wallops Island to use weaponized drones. Military to the exemption.The legislation would take effect on July 1 when a two year moratorium on drone use by state and law enforcement is lifted.The House and Senate measures require public and regulatory agencies to secure a warrant before using a drone. There are exclusions for missing person searches, Training exercises or times when a person is in immediate danger.

The bills don’t curb private or economic use of drones. Federal prohibitions, Which happens to be under review, Always apply.Both bills permit government drone use for non criminal court purposes, Such as natural disaster monitoring or traffic checks. Both would include a general prohibition on use of weaponized drones with the exceptions added Monday.Criminal court groups were opposed to initial pushes for warrant restrictions on drones [url=https://www.seahawksgearfanshop.com/SS10T8avdYVY]eddie lacy jersey cheap[/url], But none spoke against HB2125 within a hearing Monday.In a discussion, Tom Jones, Executive director of the Virginia Sheriffs’ collective, Said the balance is in”About as good of shape as it is going to get,”It has protections for everybody who’s, So we don’t have trouble with the bill, He was quoted saying.Jones said his biggest concern had been ensuring agencies could deploy drones in critical issues such as active shooter situations. The exemption for position that pose an immediate danger to people covers that point, He extra.The ACLU of va, And that has been active on the issue, Listed strong support forHB2125 on Monday.The Senate courts panel approved the bill, Advancing it fully Senate for a vote [url=https://www.seahawksgearfanshop.com/SS10T8avdYVY]eddie lacy jersey cheap[/url]. Because it is often amended, The balance, Which already passed your property once, Had to return to the House for a second review.McEachin’s SB1301 is still pending on your place floor. Cline said he plans to add the changes to it today and take it to a vote. If it goes on, The amended version will return to the Senate for affirmation.Various other NEWS: Cline bills on fed detention, Strangulation fees advanceThe Senate courts panel narrowly advanced Del. Cline’s House Bill 2144 on Monday amid debate over whether it will endanger state and federal effort.Under Cline’s suggestion, Virginia would ask to be notified every time a citizen is detained in the state. On top of, It would request that law enforcemenapproval be sought before a citizen is removed from the state.If these demands aren’t honored, Federal state memorandums of practical knowledge would be subject to closer scrutiny and possible termination by elected officials.The a problem point for lawmakers and public safety officials, Within the other hand, Was a provision with a list of all existing MOUs to be published on an annual basis.”I’m not getting warm fuzzies about publicizing examples MOUs, Said panel co chair Sen. Tommy Norment, R billy City, Adding some deal with receptive security issues. “It may be despite the public interest and public security,Cline called his overall suggestion a simple measure, “Just designed to ensure more sunshine and more accountability” In government employees process.HB2144 doesn’t require MOUs launch in full, But there was disagreement over how far reaching the language was and how revealing the annual list might need to be.The Virginia State Police and an executive branch adviser spoke against the bill, Contending the government will pull out of these agreements and cut off related resources to the state.”We have been told by the feds, If these do get posted, They won’t enter into MOUs with us, VSP basic Tracy Russillo said.Tonya Vincent, Deputy admin of public safety and homeland security, Said get”Grave headache” About the bill and a potential loss of federal funding for state task forces.


Breaking down the Buccaneers

November 30, 2010 by Dan Brown in Seven Card Stud Poker

Conking out the Buccaneers Range record: The Seahawks have played their 1976 enlargement partner just 12 times, Containing an 8 4 edge. Seattle won seven of the first eight the particular Bucs before losing three in a row in 2008, 2009 and then 2010. But Seattle won up to date meeting, A 27 24 overtime win at CenturyLink Field in 2013 the place that the Seahawks rallied from a 21 0 deficit, Very large comeback in team history. By the facts 268 Jameis Winston’s average passing yards per game. If he says that, He will finish exceeding 4,000 yards which could make him the first QB in NFL history to have 4,000 or more passing yards in each of his first two conditions. Most Read StoriesA Washington county that went for Trump is shaken as immigrant neighbors start melting VIEWKickoff time, TV info announced for 110th Apple CupRebound with payoff: Huskies return to beat Utah behind the unlikeliest of heroesAnthony Bourdain brought ‘Parts Unknown’ to Seattle here’s where he ateSeattle hits record high for income inequality, Now rivals San FranciscoUnlimited electronic Access. $1 of 4 weeks KEY providers QB Jameis Winston: The exact second year QB, Who has been the first pick in the 2015 NFL draft, Has given Tampa Bay most of it could have asked for so far Tyreek Hill Jersey. Winston plonked for 4,042 back meters last season, Just the third QB in franchise’s history to pass the 4,000 grass mark, And is on pace to higher that total this season, Having thrown into the air for 2,680 showrooms(The latest 4,288 patio pace) Then 20 touchdowns. Winston threw for 331 yards off the mark in a 19 17 win over the Chiefs Sunday, His second straight away 300 plus yard game, The first time he has thrown for 300 or more yards in sequential games in his career. He also remains adequate of a runner to make that a threat, With 98 yards on 32 includes. He had 22 yards on five provides Sunday. WR trent Evans: An initial round pick in 2014 out of Texas A the 6 5, 231 pounder has proved well definitely worth the hype. After making 68 and 74 receptions his first two seasons he’s on pace to break all of his career bests with 65 receptions for 916 yards so far this season. He has been above all effective of late with 23 receptions for 321 yards and two touchdowns in his last three games. His size and the fact that he is by far the team’s leading receiving threat he has more than double as many receiving yards as anyone else on the team will lead to speculation as to whether the Seahawks might counter by assigning Richard Sherman to cover him. DT Gerald McCoy: The Seahawks’ young interior questionable linemen will get another stiff test in McCoy, One of the most useful defensive tackles in the game. A former All American at ok, McCoy has made the Pro Bowl four without stopping years, And was a first team All Pro pick 2012 14. He’s got 4.5 sacks this season and recovered a fumble on the last play Sunday to secure Tampa Bay’s win over kansas. SS chelsea Conte: A former get noticed at Cal, Conte has formulated huge interceptions the last two weeks a pick six that helped lead to a blowout of the Bears two weeks ago and then an interception in the end zone Sunday against Kansas City when the score was 12 10, With his return helping set up the clinching landing. Many of Tampa Bay’s key stats paint the image of what the Bucs are a team with a.500 record that’s outscored by 24 points for the season. The Bucs rank 11th in whole offense at 366 yards per game and 26th altogether defense at 381.7. But under first year coach Dirk Koetter an early head coach at Boise State and Arizona State the Bucs may be hitting something of a stride. Tampa Bay has won four of the company’s last six, Including three straight on the path capped by a 19 17 Sunday at Kansas City against a Chiefs team that was 7 2. Koetter got the head coaching job in part because of romantic relationship he built with Winston last season. The pairing got off to a rocky start this season as Winston threw eight interceptions in his first four games as the Bucs set off 1 3 four picks coming in a 40 7 loss at Arizona. But Winston just two interceptions in his last six games, A span in which he has thrown 12 touchdowns while accomplishing 60 percent of better of his passes in all but one game. The running game has been erratic with Doug Martin and Jacquizz Rodgers battling injuries of late. Rodgers, Who leads the Bucs with 393 showrooms and a 4.5 per carry mean, Has missed the last three games with a foot injury but could be prepared for the Seahawks. Defensively, The Bucs have been opportunistic recently weeks https://www.chiefsgearforshop.com/KanlPgp5jtlM16JZS/, Forcing six turnovers within the last few two games while losing just two. But the defense may have been far from stout https://www.chiefsgearforshop.com/KanhuY7JTwB4GQPKG/, Generating 6.0 yards per play for the summer season, 28th involved of the NFL(Seattle is probable 5.0, Fifth in the category).


Learning a new game

January 31, 2010 by Dan in Seven Card Stud Poker

Once you feel like you have mastered a specific poker variant it can become quite tedious to play. Once complacency sets in boredom quickly follows and you can turn from a winning player into a losing one in no time at all.

A great way to keep your mind fresh and improve your overall poker skills is to learn a completely new variant. If you usually play online poker games like Hold’em or Omaha then a great game to look at would be Seven Card Stud.

Seven Card Stud is completely different from games like Hold’em and Omaha as there are no community cards on display. Instead you have to make your decisions based on the visible cards in your opponents’ hands. The first thing this will do is vastly improve your short-term memory because you will need to remember the cards folded in the previous betting rounds.

Your hand reading skills should also improve as you try to decipher the possible made hands and draws each of your opponents may have based on what you can see, their betting actions and the cards you know have already been folded. This in turn will aid your overall concentration and observation, two vital attributes for any winning poker player.

Once you have played enough hands you will almost certainly find your new skills come in handy when playing your usual game. Having the ability to play another form of poker is a great tool should you find yourself losing at your usual game. Instead of trying to chase your losses simply load up another game you know and give that a try instead.


Avoiding Second Best in 7 Card Stud

June 2, 2009 by Dan Brown in Seven Card Stud Poker

7 card stud has started to gain in popularity because of the mixed games that are quickly becoming players favorites. In looking for a little more spice than hold’em on its own can offer, HORSE allows you to play 5 different games. The well rounded poker player can dominate these types of tournaments and cash games. In order to do so, you are going to have to master playing 7 card stud as it shows up in three different varieties in the game of HORSE.

The original 7 card stud game is the 4th leg of HORSE and where a seasoned player can really make a move. A lot of players will fall in love with certain hands when they are clearly second best or worst. This is the type of scenario that you need to avoid. If you are not clearly going for the best hand, you have to get out.

William Hill Poker

Hands that cost 7 card stud players the most money are mid pairs that they play out on the string. For example, you have Q9 in the hole a 9 on board. There are 6 other players in the game and they are showing A, K, 10, J, 7, and a 5. The 5 leads out on a force bet, the A calls and then the K raises, the 10 folds, the J calls and then the folds. You are next to play, what do you do?

If you are smart, you are going to dump the hand. You can be pretty sure that you are up against KK and possibly JJ. You still have the A to play behind you who very well may be setting up a check raise. The problem is the at most amateur players are going to fall in love with their split pair and will try to chase it down. It is the wrong decision and it is going to cost you a ton of money in the end.

It has been said before and it is worth saying again, stud is not a chasers game. With so many bets, you will end up broke if you continue to chase down hands. If you are not clearly sitting on the best, you must get out of the hand. In reality, the only hand that should still be playing in this example is the K and depending upon what the A does, he should possibly be out of the hand.

Pacific Poker

One of the major keys to 7 card stud is ensuring that you are not chasing down a losing hand. While you cannot always assume that the player has matched their card underneath when they are showing a high card, how they play against the other high cards gives you a ton of information.

Here, it would be foolish for the K to fire unless he was already paired up. He can be assured that anyone behind him that has matched a card will at the very least call him if not come over the top to see where they stand. Of course, he still has the A that is in front of him to worry about as well. You can easily see where playing mid and small pairs can get you into a heap of trouble. When you are deciding to go in or not, you want three cards to the flush or straight or the high pair going on board. If you play to anything else, you are playing to second best.


Going for the low in 7 card stud hi/low

May 7, 2009 by Dan Brown in Seven Card Stud Poker

Let’s start this out by telling you that you should never be in a hand to solely go after the low side of the pot. You will see far too many people going head to head on 4th street with no chance of hitting the high hand and then end up splitting the pot if they get lucky. Even them, they still lose money because of the rake, it just does not make any sense.

The low in 7 card poker should be something that you happen to get, not the main focus of your hand. Realize that even if there are multiple players in the hand and you start out chasing the low, you still only may end up with a quarter of the pot or less. Plenty of people will play any hand that start with A2 and if you are looking at the same cards, you are going to split the split.

However, you can stay in a hand if you were going for a high and it falls apart on 6th street and you now only need one card to win the low. At this point, you only have one card left and the odds more than dictate you hanging around to capture some of the pot.

When you start your hand out, the only way you have a chance to scoop the pot is by going high and low. This is the ideal situation and one that you look for in starting quality hands. For instance, you start the hand with Ah2h4h. You are in huge position to scoop here. You have the A high flush draw and are also looking at a possible straight for the high. In addition, you are starting down at 3 to a low. This is not only a starting hand, but a raising hand.

The key to a good starting hand in hi/low is to have the ability to scoop the pot, which of course means that you get both the high and the low. While you may end up only getting the low as the hand plays out, you have to make sure that you start out with the intention of getting them both. If all you do is try and chase down low hands, you are going to find your bankroll continuing to shrink and you will eventually go broke.

This is what separates the good hi/low players from the bad ones. It may be a little tough to fold that 247 hand, but when you realize that you are conceding one half of the pot every time you play a hand like this, reality will start to settle in and you will realize how foolish it is to play a hand like this. Remember, if you don’t have a chance to scoop with the first three, the hand is not worth playing.


Get back to the roots of poker with Seven card stud

April 18, 2009 by Dan Brown in Seven Card Stud Poker

Hold’em has taken over the poker universe and is the most popular game in the world right now, but multi games like H.O.S.E. and H.O.R.S.E are quickly gaining steam at the casinos and online.  People are getting a little bored with Hold’em and are looking for other games to spice it up a little bit.  Well, in order to be successful in any of these multi games, you are going to have to get back to the roots of the game and become proficient at 7 card stud if you want to win the cash.

7 card stud was once a game that dominated poker rooms and households alike.  All of a sudden, The World Series of Poker started getting televised and everyone wanted to become a professional Texas Hold’em Poker player and become an instant millionaire.  Now, with the popularity of H.O.R.S.E, 7 card stud is making a mild come back and people are realizing this is a true poker playing game.

The fact of the matter is that 7 card stud makes up 60% of H.O.R.S.E.  Razz Poker is just a variation on stud and uses the same basic principles.  After you play regular stud, you finish up with Stud hi/low before starting all over again.  If you are a great stud player, you can clean up in this cash game or tournament.

Most Hold’em players get into a very bad habit of chasing down hands.  They are used to playing common cards and not actually working a hand and betting against other people’s board.  Stud Poker makes you not only keep track of your hand, but every card that is played.  Part of the art of stud is to know which cards for your draw and your opponents draw have been burned.  When their hand is not made on the board, you will make your play based on your hand and the perceived chances that they were able to draw out.

For instance, if you are holding a 34 in your hand and they are the filler cards for the straight that your opponent looks to be chasing down, you already know that he has only 6 live cards.  Maybe two 3’ and three 4’s were already folded by other players who have dropped out of the hand.  He is not paying attention to the other hands and is throwing good money in after a bad chase.

The other thing about stud is that the more experience you gain, the better you will be able to read players hands based on pre-flop action and how they follow it up on 4th and 5th street.  If someone is banging away pre-flop with a 5 showing, you are pretty assured that they are sitting on a set or a monster high pair under.  If they catch another 5 or catch AKQ on one of the streets, you know your mid pair is in a lot of trouble.  By paying attention to everything, you will find that you are much more successful than the average player at stud.

If you have never played stud, you may find all of this a little difficult in the beginning so do not play for high stakes.  Go play online at the quarter tables until you get the knack for this.  As you get better, you can move up in level until you are in the games that you usually play at.  When you really get comfortable, it is time to exploit weaker players and get in on the H.O.R.S.E tourneys and cash games.  Just remain patient during the Hold’em and Omaha stages and then drop the hammer when the stud games are being played.  Make the chasers pay and build your stack to get the coveted first prize money.


Stud: Understanding the many forms

April 17, 2009 by Nathan in Seven Card Stud Poker

For many years, Stud was the game of choice in back rooms of restaurants, home games, bookies, and casinos alike. But since the boom of Texas Hold’em that occurred in the early 2000’s it seems Stud Poker has been lost in the shuffle a bit. Many great players, such as Phil Ivey, made their start in stud and still continue to play it today. While, it may not be as attractive to some tournament players, because you can not push all-in at any moment; the game of stud should be an attraction to anyone who loves mental warfare and strategic poker.

There are many different forms of stud, ranging from stud games that play against the dealer, such as 3 card Caribbean stud, to games that are played against other players, such as seven card stud hi/lo. In due time, we will look at the many forms of stud, studying strategy and philosophies amongst each one. However, today I will focus on the most common form of stud found in casinos and online, seven card Stud Hi.

seven card stud is an ante game, where each player is required to post an ante, which is normally 10% of the big limit, before receiving any cards. There are 7 “streets” in stud: a street refers to players receiving cards. After players post their antes each player receives 2 face down cards and one face up card. The player with the lowest card showing, 2 is the lowest possible, is then forces to “bring-in.” This is a bet of double the ante. This player may also raise the limit, which is the small limit, if they wish. All other players act from left to right, calling, folding, or raising. After betting is complete the players receive “4th street.” This is a face up card that refers to the 4th card they receive. The player with the highest showing card now must act first. They can bet the small limit or check. After the betting is complete, players receive another face up card, “5th street.” Players must now bet the big limit for the remaining streets. After betting, the last face up card is dealt as “6th street.” Once players bet again they receive “7th street,” which is a face down card. Players now have their last opportunity to bet.

Players will have 4 cards exposed and 3 concealed. It is also important to add that players can raise on any street, but they may only raise the limit for that street. After all betting is complete, players showdown their hands. The best 5 card hand wins. The rank of hands is the same as in other forms of poker, such as Texas Hold’em. Royal Flush is the top hand, ranging down all the way to a high card hand. These details of the game of 7 card stud will become very important when we discuss different forms of strategy.

We must ingrain these rules of the game into our minds, as our strategies are based solely around these unique characteristics. Join me tomorrow as we look into 7 card Stud Hi strategies that can help you start making money immediately.


Raising With a Door Card Ace

January 21, 2009 by James in Seven Card Stud Poker

There are many players that debate how one should play hands with a door card ace. Some are of the school of thought that you should almost always raise with a door card ace, while others take the approach to raise if they are in late position. Let’s take a look at how you should play door card aces, especially if you are establishing table image.

The obvious time to raise with an ace is when you have a pair of aces. This put players at the table on notice that you are likely to have a pair of aces. If you are not raising with every ace, then you are more likely to get credit for the raise with an ace.

Other times to raise with an ace include when you are playing a three card flush or three big cards to a straight. When playing three cards to the straight or to the flush, improving by 4th street is ideal. When playing three big straight cards, catching a pair will many times put you solidly in the lead in the hand. If you do not improve to a four flush or a four straight by fifth street, you need to abandon the hand.

One time you may want to stay away from raising with an ace showing is when you are rolled up with aces. At this point, slow playing is an option you should consider. One argument against slow playing a set is letting players into the pot that can outdraw you. Trip aces on third is outdrawn so infrequently that in many cases, slow playing will get you the most money with the hand. Of course, if you are in a loose game where a raise is frequently called, then go with the raise.

Be careful when playing a split pair of aces against an open pair on fourth street. In stud, an open pair on fourth will turn out to be trips many times. Knowing this, there are also times, such as raising with three straight cards, you will catch a pair of aces on fourth and can take the pot down right there.

Be careful with raising with an ace and nothing for backup. After you establish your table image, you can sometimes raise with an ace and take the pot on third. If you are in a tournament you can get away with a raise on third with only an ace later in a tournament somewhat frequently, but in a cash game, doing this often can lead to a bleed on your chips.

By selectively raising with a door card ace, you will establish a tight image, and your raise will get more respect. Also, it will enable you to control the variance experienced by players that raise with any ace. Good luck to you at the tables.


Age Stereotypes in Seven Card Stud Poker – Part 2

September 20, 2008 by James in Seven Card Stud Poker

Yesterday I started off talking about age stereotypes in stud. I started a story about a stud game I played in Tunica when I was first starting to play.

Around the third level of play, the cat was semi let out of the bag regarding my ability to play. Before the start of the third level there were a couple of comments regarding my not being able to find a hand. I picked up a split pair of kings and raised. The older players looked at me as if to say, “Ok, you picked up kings” and they all folded. The two younger players stayed in the hand. This was the best case scenario for me.

I instantly picked up aces up on Fourth Street. I bet out and was called by both players. Fifth Street saw me pair my ace. I now held aces full. I naturally bet out, I received a call and then a raise. The kid that raised was showing three cards that were double gapped for a straight. Either this kid was raising with a straight or a big draw. Of course, I capped the betting. Both opponents called. The older gentlemen at the table were confused.

Sixth Street made a pair of threes for the one player that had called along with all the raising on fifth. I bet out, and now he raised. Now the player that had the two gapped straight showing was now showing a three flush. He three bet. I cap it. Both players call.

I bet out on seventh and this time the two opponents finally slowed down and only called. I looked at the guy at the table that appeared to be the best stud player and said “what do I have?” He said, “Aces full.” I show aces full against a set of threes and a flush.

At this point, I am now the chip lead. Over the course of the round, I eliminate both of the kids at the table. Finally, one of the players asks me, “Where are you from?” When, I tell them I am from Virginia, they instantly change their tune to, “Oh no wonder. You’re from the east coast. You grew up playing stud.” And the cat was out the bag.

I ended up going through and eliminating all but two of the players at the table. I got heads up with a low limit stud poker player from Los Angeles whom I cut a deal with. I had such a massive stack that he accepted my buyout offer of $100. When I am out in the LA area, I still run across him from time to time. He is an interesting gentleman. In his mid 70’s and can outrun most people half of his age.

If you are a younger person playing stud, remember the above story. Players will discount you due to your age. When this happens, just sit back and play your game. Over time, the astute players will figure out you know what you are doing. And for those that don’t, enjoy taking their money.


Age Stereotypes in Seven Card Stud Poker – Part I

Seven card stud is one of the oldest forms of poker that is still played in casinos nationwide. While holdem has been around a long time, holdem was not allowed in many casinos for a long time, especially in Los Angeles. Games such as stud, razz, lowball, and draw poker were king for a long time. As holdem became more popular, stud games began to dry up and as a result most stud games that you will find are usually occupied by older players. This is particularly true of lower stakes stud games.

I have been playing stud most of my life and when I started playing live in 2006, the first thing I noticed was the distinct lack of respect for anyone under the age of 50 that sat down in a stud game. Even today, when I sit down in a stud game I get a lot of confused looks by players that haven’t been used to seeing me play. The floor staff even will react with confusion. When I ask what is being spread, they look at me and usually rattle off the holdem options. I get confused looks when I ask to be put on stud lists.

This type of stereotype can be helpful to you at the poker tables when playing stud. I view being a young person in a seven card stud game with older players almost on par as being a woman playing almost any poker game. Men generally look at women with either disdain or with a total lack of respect. That happens a bit with younger players at stud tables.

The second live poker game I ever played in a casino was a 7 card stud satellite at the WSOP Circuit Event in Tunica Mississippi in January 2006. Five players had been sitting around for a while waiting for the satellite to fill up. When I saw the game, I sat in. The five gentlemen were all much older than me, by at least 20 years or more. After about ten or fifteen minutes, two kids that were clearly holdem players sat down. Now, you will probably look at me and say, “Hey, you are talking about stereotypes and you just made a stereotypical statement.”

When you look at a kid that sits down with sunglasses, walkman, and baseball cap, do you think seven card stud? No. The other kid actually spoke up and said that he doesn’t normally play stud, but he thought he would help us get the game going. The older gentlemen did a collective sizing up of the two kids and then all sized me up. It was clear that they thought I was one of them.

Their assumptions were initially proven correct with the play of the two kids at the table. They had no real concept of how to play the game. They chased with bad pairs, chased bad draws, and couldn’t read what their opponents were potentially drawing after.

I will continue the rest of this story in my next entry.


Best Online Poker Rooms for Stud Poker